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#  LN180:  Multi Blade Gangsaw Machine


The design of this particular machine is a result of years of enterprise and research, to find a solution for higher production, cutting and sawing at reduced cost.

Articulated Rectilinear Arms
The technological concept behind its high performance is the Four Articulated Rectilinear Arms, which provide transverse motion to Saw Frame. These Arms are friction free during operation, unlike traditional Slideways. Thus, resulting in reduction of maintenance cost and lubricant cost.

Battery Unit
Battery Unit provides power to saw frame to facilitate block cutting . which consists of carefully designed heavy duty shaft. This shaft is mounted with a flywheel in the centre and two roller bearings.. The Eccentrics are mounted on either ends of the main shaft, which is connected to the Connecting Rods.

Lower Transmission unit
A (DC ) motor is provide constant lowering up and down motion to cutting block for smooth cutting.






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